2015: 3rd Annual Molecular Psychiatry Meeting

2015 Meeting Times

Friday, October 30th
7:45 AM to 4:45 PM

Saturday, October 31st
7:45 AM to 4:45 PM

Sunday, November 1st
7:45 AM to 4:45 PM

2015 Meeting Schedule

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Poster Submission

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Registration Cost

$475 for investigators
$200 for students

Costs of registration includes a one year membership to the Molecular Psychiatry Association.


Hyatt Regency in the Embarcadero

5 Embarcadero Center
(415) 788-1234

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Conference rates for the Hyatt will not be available after October 7th. You may also want to check nearby hotels using web based travel sites. To search, use the Hyatt Embarcadero address, 5 Embarcadero Center. A number of hotels will offer rates competitive with that of the Hyatt.

Trainee Social

The UCSF Department of Psychiatry is planning a social for all visiting trainees. Please RVSP to aaron.besterman@ucsf.edu if you wish to attend.

Plenary Speakers

  • Danny Weinberger, Lieber Insittue: Transcriptional Dynamics of Neurodevelopmental Disorders
  • Emmanuel Mignot, Stanford: Immunobiology of Narcolepsy

Roster of Sessions

  1. The Origin of Developmental Risk in Psychiatric Disorders: Chair: Ron McKay, Lieber
  2. Translational Imaging in Substance Use Disorder: Chair, Tom Kash, UNC
  3. Working Towards Translational Models for Endophenotypes in Psychiatric Disorders: Andres Buonanno.
  4. Using Mouse Models to Study Circuit Mechanisms Implicated in Psychiatric Disease: Chair, Vikaas Sohal, UCSF
  5. Neurobiological Models for Psychiatric Disorders: Chair, Brady Maher, Lieber Institute
  6. Brain Abnormalities in Psychosis: From Risk States to Chronic Illness: Chair: Dan Mathalon, UCSF
  7. Translational Imaging in Substance Use Disorders: Greg Brown, UCSD
  8. Big Data for Little People: Large-scale Developmental Neuroimaging Initiatives, Terry Jernigan, UCSD
  9. Neural Circuit Formation Throughout the Lifespan: Chair, Anna Molofsky, UCSF
  10. Novel Approaches for Studying Brain Disorders: Chair, Sergiu Pasca, Stanford
  11. Drug Addiction: from Molecules to Circuits: Chair, Kirill Martemyanov, Scripps
  12. Molecular-Genetic Regulatory Mechanisms: Brain Development and Plasticity: Chair, John Rubenstein, UCSF
  13. Circuit Specificity of Molecular Alterations in Psychosis, Chair, David Lewis, University of Pittsburgh
  14. Essential Pathways and Circuits of Autism Pathogenesis: Chair, Gul Dolen, Johns Hopkins
  15. Olfactory Epithelium as a Source of Surrogate Neurons for Psychiatry research: Chair, Nicola Cascella, Johns Hopkins
  16. Functional Support for Alcohol Dependence GWAS candidates from model organisms: Chair, Brian Riley, VCA
  17. New Insights into the Role of Glutamate Transporter SLC1A1 in Neuropsychiatric Disorders: Chair, Frank Middleton, SUNY
  18. Genetic Discovery and Translational Studies in Schizophrenia: Chair, Jonathan Sebat, UCSD
  19. Genetics and Genomics of Affective Disorders: Chair, Eli Stahl, Mt. Sinai
  20. Beyond DNA: What Genes Can Tell Us About Neuropathology: Chair, Stephan Sanders, UCSF

Organizing Committee

  • Andreas Buonanno
  • William Byerley
  • Ronald Davis
  • Fernando Goes
  • Julio Licinio
  • Dan Mathalon
  • Tracey Petryshen
  • Daniel Weinberger