2013 Molecular Psychiatry Meeting Schedule

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Friday, November 8th

Time Pacific Room JK
7:50 am Opening Remarks: William Byerley, UCSF
8:00 am Plenary Session: Sam Barondes Introduction: Rob Malenka, Stanford:  Exploring Circuits Underlying Reward And Aversion
8:50 am Break
Time Pacific Room JK Pacific Room M
9:00 am
Gene Expression Analysis Of Psychiatric Disorders
Pablo Gejman, Chair And Co-chair Dan Rujescu, Co-chair

9:00 am: Dan Rujescu, Munich Center For Neurosciences Expression Analysis Of Rat Psychosis Model Identifies Novel Candidate Genes Validated In The Largest Case-control Sample Of Schizophrenia

9:24 am: Danny Weinberger, Lieber Institute Splice Variation And Molecular Mechanisms Of Genetic Association

9:48 am: Karoly Mirnics, Vanderbilt University Neuroimmune Changes In Schizophrenia

10:12 am: Murray Cairns, The University Of Newcastle/New South Wales Analysis Of Micro RNA Expression And Interactions In Neuropsychiatry

10:36 am: Pablo Gejman, University Of Chicago And North Shore University Health System A Mechanistic Approach To The Study Of Gene Expression In A Large Schizophrenia Dataset

Dopaminergic Neuromodulation Of Limbic Systems
Mark Van Zastrow, Chair And Vikaas Sohal, Co-chair

9:00 am: Patricio O’Donnell, Pfizer Are D1 And D2 Receptors Viable Targets In Schizophrenia?

9:24 am: Linda Wilbrecht, UC Berkeley Brief Stimulation Of Subpopulations Of Striatal Neurons Produces Dissociable Effects On Action Selection And Evaluation

9:48 am: Jennifer Whistler, UCSF/Gallo Center Dopamine Receptor Trafficking Modulates Neuronal And Behavioral Plasticity

10:12 am: Vikaas Sohal, UCSF D2R Modulation Of Prefrontal Microcircuits

10:36 am: Mark Van Zastrow, UCSF D1R Signaling And Membrane Traffic In Medium Spiny Neurons

11:00 am Discussion Discussion
11:30 am Lunch
1:00 pm
Imaging Studies For Schizophrenia
Steven Potkin, Chair And Judy Ford, Co-chair

1:00 pm: Judith Ford, UCSF Visual Hallucinations Are Associated With Visual Cortex Hyperconnectivity To Amygdala And Hippocampus

1:30 pm: Theo Van Erp, UC Irvine Structural Abnormalities In Schizophrenia

2:00 pm: James Waltz,  University Of Maryland Reinforcement Learning Deficits In Schizophrenia: Contributions From Multiple Neural Networks

2:30 pm: J. Daniel Ragland, UC Davis Functional And Dysfunctional Fronto-Temporal Memory Systems In Schizophrenia.

Models For Studying Biological Mechanisms Implicated In Psychiatric Disorders
Andres Buonanno, Chair And Peter Penzes, Co-chair

1:00 pm: Andrés Buonanno, NIH Neuregulin-ErbB Signaling Modulates Neuronal Networks And Rodent Behaviors Associated With Psychiatric Disorders

1:30 pm: Peter Penzes, Northwestern Molecular Substrates Of Abnormal Dendritic Spine Plasticity In Schizophrenia

2:00 pm: Eleanor Simpson, Columbia Schizophrenia Endophenotypes In A Mouse Model Of Striatal Dopamine Dysfunction

2:30 pm: Tracey Petryshen, Harvard New Approaches To Animal Models In The Modern Psychiatric Genomics Era

3:00 pm Discussion Discussion
3:30 pm Break
4:00 pm
Transcriptome Regulation In Human Brain: Implications For Psychiatric Genetics And Beyond
Daniel R. Weinberger., Chair And Bob Niculescu, Co-chair

4:00 pm: Yuan Gao, Johns Hopkins Solving The RNA SEQ Riddle In Human Brain

4:30 pm: Jim Knowles, USC RNA Expression During Human Brain Development

5:00 pm: Andrew Jaffe, Lieber Institute Leveraging RNA-SEQ To Identify Molecular Mechanisms Of Risk From GWAS-positive Genomic Regions

5:30 pm: Daniel Weinberger, Lieber Institute RNA SEQ In Brain And The Identification Of Novel Therapeutic Targets In Psychiatry

Synaptic And Circuit Mechanisms Underlying Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Rob Malenka, Chair And Lu Chen, Co-chair

4:00 pm: Lu Chen, Stanford Homeostatic Synaptic Scaling And Fragile X Syndrome

4:30 pm: Stephen Shabel, Ucsd Chronic SSRI Treatment Enhances Co-release Of GABA From Glutamatergic Axons In The Lateral Habenula

5:00 pm: Jason Aoto, Stanford Neurexin-3 Alternative Splicing – Insights Into The Synaptic Function Of Neurexins

5:30 pm: Kimberly Thompson, Circuit Therapeutics Behavioral Conditioning By Optogenetic Recruitment Of Prefrontal Circuits

6:00 pm Discussion Discussion

Saturday, November 9th

Time Pacific Room JK
8:00 am Plenary Session: William Byerey, Introduction: Louis Ptacek, UCSF: Clinical, Genetic And Molecular Characterization Of Circadian And Related Phenotypes
8:50 am Break
Time Pacific Room JK Pacific Room M
9:00 am
Imaging Studies Of Autism
Steve Dager, Chair And Natalia Kleinhan, Co-chair

9:00 am: Jason Wolff, UNC-Chapel Charting The Early Neurobehavioral Development Of Autism

9:30 am: Natalia Kleinhan, University Of Washington Abnormal Brain Connectivity In Autism

10:00 amDeclan Murphy, Kings College London Using ‘Translational Neuroscience’ To Identify Novel Treatment Targets For Autism. A European Approach.

10:30 am: Steve Dager, University Of Washington Developmental Patterns Of Brain Chemical Changes In Autism

Life In The Post-GWAS Era: Moving From Association To Gene Function
Cathy Barr, Chair And Jim Knowles, Co-chair

9:00 am: Cathy Barr, University Of Toronto Decoding The Non-coding Genome: Functional Annotation Of Genetic Variation In Gene Regulatory Regions

9:30 am: Nancy Cox, University of Chicago Reverse Reverse Genetics

10:00 am: Marquis Vawter, University Of California, Irvine Next Generation Sequencing Of Transcriptome To Unravel Pathophysiology Of Schizophrenia

10:30 am: James Ellis, University Of Toronto Rett Syndrome IPS Cell Models Of MECP2 Isoform Function

11:00 am Discussion Discussion
11:20 am Break
11:30 am Concurrent Sessions With Lunch Provided
11:30 am – Concurrent Sessions With Lunch Provided
Disturbances In Glutamate-GABA Interactions In Local Circuits: Implicaitons For Abnormal Functional Connectivity In Schizophrenia
John Krystal, Chair And Kevin Spencer, Co-chair

11:30 am: John Murray, Yale Computational Modeling Of The Impact Of NMDA Receptor Dysfunction Upon The Regulation Of Local Cortical Circuits And Cortical Information Processing

12:00 pm: Brendon O. Watson, NYU GABA Neuronal Heterogeneity:  Differential Impact Of Pv And Sst Neuronal Dysfunction For Cortical And Hippocampal Excitability And Oscillatory Activity

12:30 pm: Alan Anticevic, Yale NMDA Receptor Antagonist Effects, Schizophrenia, And Cortical Functional Connectivity: Impact Of The Phase Of Schizophrenia Illness

1:00 pm: Kevin Spencer, Harvard Abnormalities In Gamma Oscillations In Schizophrenia: Signal-to-Noise Issues

Genetics Of Schizophrenia
Aiden Corvin, Chair And Mick O’Donovan, Co-chair

11:30 am: Aiden Corvin, Trinity College Update On Analyses From The PGC2 Schizophrenia GWAS Analyses

12:00 pm: Ole Andreassen, University Of Oslo Shared Gene Loci Between Schizophrenia And Comorbid Diseases Suggest Polygenic Pleiotropy

12:30 pm: Christian Marshall, University Of Toronto Meta-analysis Of CNVs From The PGC Schizophrenia Dataset

1:00 pm: Mick O’Donovan, Cardiff University Exome Sequencing Studies Of SZ Implicates Pathways Affecting Synaptic Plasticity

1:30 pm Discussion Discussion
1:50 pm Break
2:00 pm
Genetics Of Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Nancy Cox, Chair And Jeremiah Scharf, Co-chair

2:00 pm: Jeremiah Scharf, Harvard Medical School Comparative Genomics Of Tourette Syndrome And Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

2:30 pm: Tom Fernandez, Yale CNV Studies Of TS

3:00 pm: Lea Davis, University Of Chicago The Genetic Architecture Of Tourette Syndrome And Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

3:30 pm: Alysa Doyle, Harvard Medical School Translating Advances In Psychiatric Genetics To A Child Clinical Cohort

Genetics Of Mood Disorders
John Kelsoe, Chair And Seth Ament, Co-chair

2:00 pm: Seth Ament, Institue Of System Biology Sequencing In BP Families Followup Studies

2:30 pm: John Kelsoe, UCSD Functional Variants Affecting Neurotrophin Signaling Are Associated With Bipolar Disorder

3:00 pm: Dick McCombie, Cold Spring Harbor Case Control And Family Based Studies Of Bipolar Disorder – How To Merge The Information

3:30 pm: Fernando Goes, Johns Hopkins Searching For Rare Genetic Variants In Bipolar Disorder Using Exome Sequencing

4:00 pm Discussion Discussion
4:20 pm Break
4:30 pm
Neurobiology Of Autism
Mike Gill, Chair And Louise Gallagher, Co-chair

4:30 pm: Matt State, UCSF Autism Genomics

4:54 pm: Laurie Weiss, UCSF Autism And The Ras/MAPK Pathway

5:18 pm: Brent Bill, Semel Institute For Neuroscience And Human Behavior, University Of California Zebrafish: A Developing Tool For ASD Research.

5:42 pm: Sanbing Shen, School Of Medicine, National University Of Ireland Galway Involvement Of A Novel Kinase ULK4 In Neurodevelopmental Disorders In Mice And Humans

6:06 pm: Vinod Menon, Stanford University School Of Medicine Brain Structure And Connectivity In Autism

Pathways In Bipolar Disorders
Chris Ross. Chair And Pamela Sklar, Co-chair

4:30 pm: Pamela Sklar, Mt Sinai Bipolar Genetics / Functional Genomics

4:54 pm: Chris Ross, Johns Hopkins Ank-G/ CACNA1C Pathway

5:18 pm: Tracey Petryshen, Massachusetts General Hospital Ankyrin-G Mouse Model

5:42 pm: Peter Klein, University Of Pennsylvania WNT And GSK-3 Signaling

6:06 pm: Stephen J. Haggarty, Harvard Therapeutic Targets And Drug Development

6:30 pm Discussion Discussion

Sunday, November 10th

Time Pacific Room JK
8:00 am Plenary Session: Pablo Gejman, Introduction: Thomas Lehner, NIMH: Opportunities And Challenges In Psychiatric Genetics: An NIMH Perspective
8:50 am Break
Time Pacific Room JK Pacific Room M
9:00 am
Biomarkers For Mood Disorders
Jair Soares, Chair And Trevor Young, Co-chair

9:00 am: Ana Andreazza, University Of Toronto The Interface Between Peripheral And Central Markers Of Oxidative Stress In Psychiatry

9:30 am: Chris W. Turck, Max Planck Institute Of Psychiatry Antidepressant Drug Response: From Pathways To Biosignatures

10:00 am: Chadi Abdallah, Yale In Vivo In Humans: Interrogation Of The Glutamatergic Synapse

10:30 am: Mark A. Frye, Mayo Clinic Antidepressant Induced Mania: Phenotype And Genotype Evaluation

Genetics Of Drug Abuse
Joel Gelernter, Chair And Caryn Lerman, Co-chair

9:00 am: Can Yang, Yale Exploring The Genetic Architecture Of Alcohol Dependence In African-americans Via Analysis Of A Genomewide Set Of Common Variants

9:30 am: Caryn Lerman, University Of Pennsylvania Comt Variation, Working Memory, And Nicotine Addiction Treatment

10:00 am: Andrew Bergen, Sri International Pharmacogenetics Of Smoking Cessation: Pharmacodynamics And Pharmacokinetic Candidate Gene Studies Motivated By Genome-wide Association And Linkage

10:30 am: Joel Gelernter, Yale Findings From Alcohol And Nicotine GWAS Studies

11:00 am Discussion Discussion
11:30 am Lunch
1:00 pm
Biomarkers For Schizophrenia
Akira Sawa, Chair And Ty Cannon, Co-chair

1:00 pm: Ty Cannon, Yale Biomarkers Of Risk And Progression To Full Psychosis In Individuals At Clinical High Risk

1:30 pm: Thomas Sedlak, Johns Hopkins Oxidative Stress And Inflammatory Pathways At The Crossroads Of Psychosis Risk Factors And Pathogenesis

2:00 pm: Akira Sawa, Johns Hopkins Biomarkers For Cognitive Deficits And Cortical Structural Changes: From Genetic Clue To Translational Application

2:30 pm: Alexander Herman, UCSF Plasticity In Cortical High-gamma Oscillations Mediates Behavioral Improvement From Targeted Computer Training In Schizophrenia

Neural Stem Cell Research
John Kelsoe, Chair And Kristen Brennand, Co-chair

1:00 pm: Jun Yao, Tsinghua University Evaluating Bipolar Patient Neurons Using iPSC Technology

1:30 pm: Sue O’shea, University Of Michigan Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Models Of Bipolar Disorder

2:00 pm: Kristin Brennand, Mt. Sinai Modeling Predisposition To Schizophrenia Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

2:30 pm: Guo-li Ming, Johns Hopkins Function Of Risk Genes For Mental Disorders In Neural Development

3:00 pm Discussion Discussion
3:30 pm Break
4:00 pm
Infections, Inflammation, And Psychiatric Disorders
Bob Yolken, Chair And Faith Dickerson, Co-chair

4:00pm: Bob Yolken, Johns Hopkins School Of Medicine The Other Human Genome-the Role Of The Microbiome In Human Psychiatric Disorders

4:20 pm: Emily Severance, Johns Hopkins School Of Medicine Intestinal Inflammation And Complement Activation In Psychiatric Disorders

4:40 pm: Vish Nimgaonkar, University Of Pittsburgh School Of Medicine Gene-Environmental Interactions In Human Psychiatric Disorders

5:00 pm: Michael Benros, Universities Of Aarhus And Copenhagen Infections And Autoimmune Diseases As Risk Factors For Schizophrenia And Mood Disorders

5:20 pm: Faith Dickerson, Sheppard Pratt Hospital Infectious And Immunologic Markers And Cognitive Functioning In Individuals With And Without Psychiatric Disorders

5:40 pm: Sarven Sabunciyan, Johns Hopkins School Of Medicine DNA Methylation And Inflammation In Mania

Anil Malhotra, Chair And Jim Kennedy, Co-chair

4:00 pm: Akira Sawa, Johns Hopkins Gene Expression Changes In Response To Antipsychotic Drug Treatment

4:24 pm: John Kelsoe, UCSD Pharmacogenetics Of Lithium Response

4:48 pm: Anil Mahotra, Hofstra School Of Medicine Pharmacogenetics Of Antipsychotic Drug-induced Side Effects

5:12 pm: Jim Kennedy, University Of Toronto Pharmacogenetics In Schizophrenia

5:36 pm: Martin Schalling, Karolinska Institutet Long-term Lithium Treatment In Bipolar Disorder Is Associated With Longer Telomeres

6:00 pm Discussion Discussion

The 2013 Molecular Psychiatry meeting is supported in part by generous contributions from the Department of Psychiatry at UCSD, the University of Southern California and Wiley.